We invite people who are experts in their field to train for us. We prioritize trainers in the Toronto area so they can provide additional mentoring and advice to participants.

Here’s a list of our current and former trainers:

  • Fariah Chowdhury is student, activist, writer, researcher and organizer with No One Is Illegal Toronto.
  • Jen Danch is an activist, amateur boxer and survivor of gender-based violence. She is currently the Coordinator of Shape Your Life – a free recreational boxing project for women and trans survivors of violence. She is a former advocacy coordinator at the Stop Community Food Centre.
  • Annahid Dashtgard is the co-founder of Anima Leadership, a training and consulting company devoted to creating work environments and communities where everyone feels that they matter and belong.
  • Tim Groves is an investigative reporter and an organizer with the Media Coop.
  • Leah Henderson is a long-time Toronto organizer.
  • Erin Kelly is a skilled facilitator, as well as an active community member, citizen, volunteer and ally, who brings a profound commitment to anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices, along with reflective, analytical and collaborative skills, to her work.
  • Clare O’Connor is a Toronto-based activist and writer. She is the former Editor in Chief for the Ryerson Free Press, and past volunteer and programming coordinator for OPIRG-Toronto.
  • Mac Scott has been organizing around poverty, immigrant rights, environmental justice and indigenous solidarity for a good long while, mostly in Toronto.
  • Anu Radha Verma (arv) is a disaporic queer sometimes-femme who works in the non-profit industrial complex; she’s interested in creating space for dialogue on issues of social justice.
  • Brook Thorndycraft teaches Group Facilitation at George Brown College, and facilitates many meetings and workshops in her own life and activism.
  • Lesley Wood is a professor at York University and a member of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.

Are you an activist and trainer in the Toronto area with a skill set or perspective that you think would be valuable to Tools for Change participants? Click here to fill out our Trainer Application Form