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  • A quick case study: Why did our TTCriders sardine award competition get so much media attention?


    Last month, the awesome folks at TTCriders organized a photo competition, where TTC users were encouraged to take a photo of their overcrowded commute (hence the sardines reference) and send it to us.  We then chose the best photo and converted it into an award [...]

  • Mob Lab profiles Tools for Change

    Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 3.23.54 PM

    Read Mobilization Lab’s report on Tools for Change.  The goal of this article is to inform others who might be interested in starting up a similar group in their area.  Thank you Anna Keenan for your article.

     If you’re an activist in Toronto, you probably [...]

  • Check out’s great “how-to” section on video activism


    Witness has built an absolutely fantastic section on their website that is dedicated to helping other activists harness the power of video.  Founded by the musician, Peter Gabriel, Witness has been training activists to use video to document human rights abuse for nearly [...]

  • Report Back on Tools for Change’s Media 201 Workshop


    On October 15, Jen Angel from Aid and Abet Booking, led a workshop on media strategy 201. Since this workshop was geared to more experienced activists, Jen didn’t cover the basics, like writing press releases and media advisories.  (All that valuable [...]

  • Education Program on Media and Organizing

    First off, is brilliant at mobilizing people across the planet to take action on climate change. Now the brilliant innovators at have just developed a new program offering workshops on media and organizing.

    Their new website has downloadable resources [...]

  • The SPIN Project


    Through their leadership academy, SPIN provides training in strategic communications for activists and non-profits at very reasonable prices.  Based in California, but their resources and advice are relevant for people across North America.

    SPIN’s guide books are useful and practical. Check [...]

  • Smart Meme


    Smart Meme
    Based in SF and Boston, but operating nationally, Smart Meme specializes in teaching activists how to harness the power of the media and story-telling.  They also teach campaign strategy.  Smart Meme has wicked smart and dedicated trainers.

  • Story-based Strategy to Win Campaigns


    Doyle Canning and Patrick Reinsborough

    Insightful book on the power of narrative in campaigning. Offers tools on how to apply techniques like story telling, framing, and messaging to your work. Geared to people with experience doing media and campaigning.


  • Tips on how to organize rallies and marches

    Thanks to Tools for Change trainer and NOII Toronto organizer, Syed Hussan, for this guest blog post. 

    Protests are an integral and necessary part of our social movements. They are the means to assert power, to take power, to pressure a target and to [...]

  • New Ruckus Society How-to Guide on Strategic Direct Action


    Check out this nice little brochure for people interested in designing creative direct actions.   The booklet was developed by  myself (Jessica Bell) and Joshua Kahn Russell, as well as Ruckus Society staff Sharon Lungo and Megan Swoboda.  (And thank you [...]

  • Best practice petition-writing is one of those advocacy organizations that specializes in gathering signatures online in order to secure victories for people and causes alike.   The organization is very good at it what it does, and its success is being recognized.  Non-profits can pay to [...]

  • Executing Your Tactic

    9-Step-Plan-To-Organizing-Actions-350 action-planning guide 350 developed a very simple one-page nine-step guide to planning actions. It’s quite useful when executing basic tactics.

    And here’s a list of possible roles and responsibilities you might want to include when planning a protest or other confrontational actions. [...]

  • Need help deciding what tactic is best for you?


    This is a great handout that you can print out and use to help you and group think through what action or tactic might be useful for your campaign.  It’s a great tool for facilitators as well.  Basically the tool asks you a [...]

  • Creative tactic ideas


    198 Tactics
    Non-violent theorist, Gene Sharp, developed a list of 198 action tactics groups use to advance social change.  This handout is useful when you’re trying to devise a creative action idea.  Google the action if you don’t know what it means.