Where Can I Learn To Change The World? (A Post From Coordinating Committee member, Natalie Caine)

Coordinating Committee member and Greenpeace Canada organizer, Natalie Caine, recently wrote a great blog post sharing key insights on how one can learn the necessary skills to change the world. If you're just starting out as an activist, or you're looking for resources and movement-based organizations, in addition to Tools for Change, that offer trainings and educational tools and resources, check out the blog post here. Here's an excerpt:  When I ask successful activist-organizers … [Read more...]

Activist Advisor responds: How many signatures do I need to win my online petition?

Q. How many signatures do I need to win my online petition? Thanks to Lauryn Drainie for answering this all-too-common question. Lauryn Drainie is a Senior Campaigner at Change.org in Canada.  Change.org is the world’s largest petition platform with over 70 million users worldwide and over 2.5 million here in Canada starting, signing and winning campaigns on the issues they care about. A. I probably get asked this question several times a week by people starting petitions on Change.org. It’s a … [Read more...]

Leading Change Network shares useful resources and hosts great trainings

The Leading Change network has ramped up its presence and is rocking it.   The Leading Change network was founded by former farmworkers union organizer, Marshall Ganz, and is based out of Harvard University. This post provides you with some basic information about the network and how you can benefit from it and get active.  Here's some tips: … [Read more...]

Campaign case studies

Sometimes the best way to learn about campaigning is to review case studies of successful and unsuccessful campaigns.  Campaigning, after all, is not a simple 1+1=2 activity.  It's complicated, and real life campaign case studies can do a decent job of unveiling the nature of social change. The Democracy Center in California has written a nice report profiling seven successful climate change campaigns. Campaigning for International Justice is a huge report written by Brendan Cox. The … [Read more...]