A quick case study: Why did our TTCriders sardine award competition get so much media attention?

Last month, the awesome folks at TTCriders organized a photo competition, where TTC users were encouraged to take a photo of their overcrowded commute (hence the sardines reference) and send it to us.  We then chose the best photo and converted it into an award to give to MPP Glen Murray for failing to fix transit in Toronto. Well, we actually chose four, because some of us - Stef H., I'm looking at you - couldn't decide which one was the best.  The TTC Sardines Award competition … [Read more...]

Mob Lab profiles Tools for Change

Read Mobilization Lab's report on Tools for Change.  The goal of this article is to inform others who might be interested in starting up a similar group in their area.  Thank you Anna Keenan for your article.  If you’re an activist in Toronto, you probably know Tools for Change. There to “help you develop skills to champion social change,” they are a fabulous example of local collaboration between organizations. And it is leading to both greater efficiency and higher impact for Greenpeace and … [Read more...]

New Organizing Institute

Based in the United States, the New Organizing Institute is a training program run by organizers for organizers.  Heavily geared to election campaigns, the organization hosts trainings on campaign strategy, online organizing, online communications, political technology, new media, and testing/evaluation.  Sign up to attend NOI's trainings. … [Read more...]

Check out witness.org’s great “how-to” section on video activism

Witness has built an absolutely fantastic section on their website that is dedicated to helping other activists harness the power of video.  Founded by the musician, Peter Gabriel, Witness has been training activists to use video to document human rights abuse for nearly 20 years. Witness' documentation and materials include: Insightful case studies that document how other activists have harnessed the power of video and documentary.  Take a look at this case study on how citizens in … [Read more...]

Report Back on Tools for Change’s Media 201 Workshop

On October 15, Jen Angel from Aid and Abet Booking, led a workshop on media strategy 201. Since this workshop was geared to more experienced activists, Jen didn't cover the basics, like writing press releases and media advisories.  (All that valuable stuff is covered in our media 101 workshop scheduled for November 29.)  Here's some of the topics Jen covered. Media Planning Media efforts must be viewed in terms of how they advance a campaign's goals.  Check out the Centre for … [Read more...]