Beth’s case study on SFT’s amazing social media fundraising drive

This post comes directly from Beth Kanter, social change guru and trainer extraordinaire. I donated to Students for Free Tibet during their fundraising drive in 2008.  SFT's fundraiser, Melanie Raoul, walked up to me (and everyone else at this training we were at in San Francisco), and said "Can you donate to our group. We're part of this fundraising competition being run by the Case Foundation.  We're in second place."  I said "yes, of course", and she immediately escorted me to her computer … [Read more...]

Fundraising House Party Style

House parties typically involve someone in the campaign or organization - think board member or active volunteer - hosting a one to two hour party at their house to raise money and recruit volunteers and allies to the cause.    People are encouraged to bring their check books (you can have people pay at the door). The host and a member of the campaign typically speak - and the core message is give money we need it.   Every effort should be made to keep costs low; serve snacks and some wine, not … [Read more...]

Fundraising for Social Change

Kim Klein Fundraising for Social Change has become one of the most widely used books on fundraising in the United States. Fundraising practitioners and activists rely on it for hands-on, specific, and accessible fundraising techniques. this book is catered to groups with little budgets!   … [Read more...]

Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training

The Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training is a fantastic group committed to helping groups raise money, survive, and thrive. Offers trainings, and produces articles, and a fundraising journal. For a sample, read founder Kim Klein’s article “How to raise $2500 in 10 days”. Any book written by Kim Klein is wonderfully useful.   … [Read more...]