• Watch the AFL-CIO’s new social media training series

    Our friends down south at the AFL-CIO have developed a fantastic media training series for union communicators. The series has beginner, intermediate and advanced workshop topics.  The series is free for folks affiliated with the AFL-CIO, and focuses on very specific and practical skills.  Thanks Jessica Morales and others at the AFL-CIO for organizing!  Videos of the webinars can be accessed by all.

    Some of the workshops include:

    • SMS text practices
    • Social media
    • Video
    • Email list management
    • Online ads best practices and more.

    WOW! Watch, read, share.


  • About us

    A project of George Brown College’s Community Action CentreOPIRG TorontoEarthroots, and Greenpeace Canada, Tools for Change helps you develop skills to advocate for social change.  The project began in 2010.

    We organize approximately 20 trainings in Toronto throughout the year. Our workshop topics are chosen through a survey process. Every year, we ask organizations across the Greater Toronto Area what workshops they think we should host.  Once we have our list of workshop topics we identify the best trainers we can find to teach you useful skills.  We prioritize recruiting trainers who are active in social change and from Toronto.

    Contact us if you’re interested in working with us to build the capacity of your constituency and volunteers.

    Contact us: tools.change at gmail.com.
    Join our email list to receive workshop announcements and more.
    Twitter:  Tools4ChangeTO
    Facebook:  Facebook.com/ToolsforChange.net

    Thank you Luca DeFranco for producing this video, and thank you Jessica Ponting for being a great interview subject.

  • Coordinating committee


    • Yogi Acharya is the volunteer and programming coordinator at OPIRG Toronto.
    • Jessica Bell is Tools for Change’s staff person.  She is the co-chair of  TTCriders and a lecturer on advocacy and government relations at Ryerson University.
    • Natalie Caine is an organizer for Greepeace Canada, and co-founder of Rhythms of Resistance.
    • Lindsay Hart is the administration and finance coordinator at OPIRG Toronto.
    • Anjali Hefarty is a former director at the Sierra Youth Coalition. She is completing her PhD at the University of Toronto.
    • Sharmeen Khan is a long time media activist, editor at CALM, and bookkeeper at CUPE 3903.
    • Tammy Kovich is completing her PhD at York University, and is the former programming coordinator of OPIRG Waterloo.
    • Michelle Pettis is the Community Action Centre Coordinator with the Student Association at George Brown College. And a long-standing and enthused participant in the Tools for Change series.
    • Laura Severinac is a campaigns organizer at Greenpeace Canada.
    • David Sone is a campaigner at Earthroots, and an ally of the Grassy Narrows First Nation and the KI First Nation.
  • Funders




    Unifor’s Social Justice fund supports projects that support human rights and humanitarian goals.




    The Good Ideas Fund supports activities on the University of Toronto’s campus that contribute to student life.





    The Student Initiative Fund (SIF) offers financial support to projects that enhance the student experience and foster a sense of community at the University of Toronto.



    Alterna-Savings-Logo-Nov-2012Alterna Credit Union is a cooperative bank owned by its members. On an annual basis, one percent of Alterna Savings’ pre-tax profit is distributed to worthy community organizations through the Community Grants Program.  Tools for Change was a recipient in 2013.




    Based out of the Toronto Enterprise Fund, Enterprising Non-Profits Toronto (enp-TO) is a grant funding initiative to seed and support social enterprise in the Greater Toronto Area.



    freedonia logo

    Freedonia provides funding and other support for the development of movements promoting radical democratic and systemic change.



  • Trainers


    We invite people who are experts in their field to train for us. We prioritize trainers in the Toronto area so they can provide additional mentoring and advice to participants.

    Here’s a list of our current and former trainers:

    • Jen Angel is co-founder of media strategy, publishing and tour management agency, Aid and Abet Booking, and former editor of Clamor Magazine.
    • Jessica Bell is a lecturer at Ryerson University and a steering committee member of the TTCriders.
    • Angela Bischoff is the Outreach Director for the Ontario Clean Air Alliance.
    • Natalie Caine is an organizer for Greepeace Canada, and co-founder of Rhythms of Resistance.
    • Fariah Chowdhury is student, activist, writer, researcher and organizer with No One Is Illegal Toronto.
    • Jen Danch is an activist, amateur boxer and survivor of gender-based violence. She is currently the Coordinator of Shape Your Life – a free recreational boxing project for women and trans survivors of violence. She is a former advocacy coordinator at the Stop Community Food Centre.
    • Joel Duff is the communications director at the Ontario Federation of Labour
    • Annahid Dashtgard is the co-founder of Anima Leadership, a training and consulting company devoted to creating work environments and communities where everyone feels that they matter and belong.
    • Christy Ferguson heads the climate & energy campaigns team at Greenpeace Canada.
    • Tim Groves is an investigative reporter and an organizer with the Media Coop.
    • Leah Henderson is a long-time Toronto organizer.
    • Syed Hussan is a writer and organizer with migrant justice movements in Toronto, including the Migrant Workers Alliance for Change.
    • Faria Kamal is an organizer with No One Is Illegal Toronto.
    • Anil Kanji is the Supporter Communications Manager at Greenpeace Canada.
    • Erin Kelly is a skilled facilitator, as well as an active community member, citizen, volunteer and ally, who brings a profound commitment to anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices, along with reflective, analytical and collaborative skills, to her work.
    • Sharmeen Khan manages the books for CUPE 3903 and OPIRG York.  She also regularly programs with CHRY 105.5 FM – a community radio station in North York.
    • Nora Loreto is an activist, writer and musician based in Québec City. She is the former Communications and Government Relations coordinator for the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario.
    • Martin Lukacs is an independent journalist, community organizer, editor with the Media Co-op network and the Canadian Association of Labour Media.
    • Cathy Mann has helped organizations develop the infrastructure and culture of philanthropy required to build sustainable development programs.  She is an educator and academic coordinator at Ryerson University’s Fundraising Management Certificate program and fundraising consultant.
    • Clare O’Connor is a Toronto-based activist and writer. She is the former Editor in Chief for the Ryerson Free Press, and past volunteer and programming coordinator for OPIRG-Toronto.
    • Justin Podur is a reporter, writer and editor, as well as a professor at York University. His writing can be found at Rabble.ca, Znet, and on his blog, killingtrain.com.
    • Mac Scott has been organizing around poverty, immigrant rights, environmental justice and indigenous solidarity for a good long while, mostly in Toronto.
    • Anu Radha Verma (arv) is a disaporic queer sometimes-femme who works in the non-profit industrial complex; she’s interested in creating space for dialogue on issues of social justice.
    • David Sone is a campaigner at Earthroots, and an ally of the Grassy Narrows First Nation and the KI First Nation.
    • Brook Thorndycraft teaches Group Facilitation at George Brown College, and facilitates many meetings and workshops in her own life and activism.
    • Sarah Vance is an organizer with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.
    • Lesley Wood is a professor at York University and a member of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.

    Contact us at tools.change at gmail.com if you want to partner with us to host a training for your group. 

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