Group Decision-Making Guide for Activists

There’s a difference between facilitation and decision-making.  Facilitators work within the boundaries of the decision-making structure that exists within a group, be it hierarchy, consensus or spokescouncil structures.   I find there’s limited content or workshops on decision-making, even though it’s such a crucial subject.  Decision-making is essentially about power within a group; who has it, who doesn’t.  Decision-making matters.

In order to provide insight into decision-making, I’ve created a handout that documents some of the decision making models typically used with non-profit and all-volunteer organizations.  I also cover strategies group use to diagnose and alter their group’s decision-making structure.  Please tell me what you think of the content.

Download the handout on group decision making.

I regularly host group decision making workshops through the Tools for Change program.  You can also contact me at jessicambell at gmail dot com if you want a workshop tailored to your group.  If any of you are interested in designing this handout for me then please send me an email.