New Ruckus Society How-to Guide on Strategic Direct Action

Check out this nice little brochure for people interested in designing creative direct actions.   The booklet was developed by  myself (Jessica Bell) and Joshua Kahn Russell, as well as Ruckus Society staff Sharon Lungo and Megan Swoboda.  (And thank you to Cam Fenton for designing.)  Instead of drilling into the nuts and bolts of executing an action, we decided to write a guide to help you dream up the ‘what’, meaning a direct action idea that is strategic, effective, doable, and awesome.

The brochure draws upon and fleshes out a whole host of ideas, stories, exercises and resources, including Gene Sharp’s 198 examples of non-violent action, Beyond the Choir’s Tactics Star, and Training for Change’s classic Spectrum of Allies – well I think it’s classic because I use it so much.

Check out the little booklet and tell us what you think – jessicambell at gmail dot com.

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