Campaign Planning Tools

The Midwest Academy has a helpful guide is geared for facilitators who want to help their group or a group think through their campaign plan.  I like how this guide is geared towards helping a specific group (which helps you, the reader, see its use) explains definitions, provides facilitation tips, and includes both a completed strategy sheet, and a blank strategy sheet so you can photocopy it and use it for your own group.  Very useful.    Download it here!

I find campaign planning tools like this one to be exceptionally useful at structuring a strategy conversation in a fruitful way.  And there are actually many strategy tool handouts like this one circulating around.  Another one I like is Phil Radford’s macro strategy sheet.

It’s also useful to read a campaign plan written up in its entirety.  Here’s a campaign plan developed by a group working to stop a LNG receiving terminal from being built in California by Bechtel and Shell.   The plan is called a “communications” plan, but the document incorporates elements of outreach and campaigning, as well.   The plan is long and thorough.

To see some campaign planning in action check out Chris Rose, UK campaign strategist, give a presentation on campaign planning.

How to plan highly effective campaigns by Chris Rose from FairSay on Vimeo.