Dismantling Racism

Dismantling Racism is an excellent organization committed to anti-racist and anti-oppressive training.

I greatly enjoy the honesty and practicality of their resources.   Check out Tema Okun’s handout on “White Supremacy Culture”. Until reading that article I had no idea that workplace practices, like perfectionism, a sense of urgency, an avoidance of conflict, were associated with maintaining white dominance in organizations.   I’ve also heard Tema Okun’s book, “The Emperor Has No Clothes: Teaching About Race and Racism to People Who Don’t Want to Know ” is a fantastic read. Catchy title.

DR trainers, Bree Carlson and M E Dueker, led the first anti-racist training I ever participated in back in 2002.  I still remember sitting through the training and thinking “well, those concepts don’t apply to me.”  I did the training a year later and I found I was more relaxed and open-minded.  This time around, I could actually “hear” the suggestions they were giving us about how to move forward after this workshop.  They kept offering books to read, organizations to reach out to.  The first time I did this training I couldn’t even remember their suggestions – in fact I walked away thinking they were so unhelpful, just critical –  I was so fixated on distancing myself from their analysis.