NGLTF Organizing Resources

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) has fantastically pragmatic resources on recruiting and mobilizing volunteers. Geared for ballot initiatives, but applicable to all intensive campaigning efforts, their resources are well worth a perusal.  The NGLTF houses one of the best organizing departments in the country.


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    Integrating Fundraising & CampaigningTwo waysAnnabel – factions in her piuerovs experience. Organisational structure issueChallenge:Difficulty in realisung how fundraising can make money from campaigningFights over data. Turn off fundraising capacity of dataSave the children: fundraising and campaigns lists are joined – Cross over pot, so they don’t get too much stuff – balancing gameGeneric asks – sucessful once – not a secondingCommon narrative for different purposes / actionsFundraisers are told to make money touch people’s feelings not to educateAdvocacy surrounded by fundraising can be vague / intangible / IrrelevantDifferences on how teams want to portray developing countries – negative verses, with challenges but happy, proactiveTrocaire builds in campaigning into fundraising successfully – Little girls example.Challenges fundraising to builds rights ask into their campaign. Graham,engaging networks: look at the supporter holistically, what engages the donor, activist together –are most successful. Don’t silo those supporters.Eugene Flynne, 34 degrees: Need a good CRM system. Champion within organisations, buisness case of advocacy – activists are more likely to give you money and more money. Results can double if followed up with a related ask. Integrate it well. Internal culture is the problem.Lapsed donors – v successful re-engagemnt, subtleAsk half the list / testDochas Code – Don’t use pictures that violate persons dignity.Think about how we ask? Please contribute to something already successful that has more potentialTrocaire: Lenten Campaign, supported by a political campaign. 7 week campaign. Soft ask to those who have donated, updating on project and telling them there’s something else they can do.Lenten box goes out to 1 million households via the churchThis year’s focus in Uganda – the focus is about Impact because we are there since 2006. TV ad is about Daniel empowering message. No results yet. Fundraising are nervous. Graham:Skywriting campaign, it raised funds for the campaigning issue.It’s about story tellling, narrative, Atheist Buss CampaignTianamen: Signatories of monthers of the dead, line of roses – apology they never got. Deadline, or if you go over where you can spend your money (restricted).Define the win for fundraising – number of emails.Fundraising plans are longer term and goals driven.Posting fundraising asks on Social Media after campaigns are more successful.Campaigning is more short term, reactive to what’s hot in the news. Targets change depending on a political situation.Survey ask people what they think about something? Generates more emails address and can cause spike in traffic/donationsClimate change/Trocaire: Minister dragging his heals, combined with appeal on E. Africa. Someone who has taken a recent action is much warmer to donate. (but more often you will need to nuture them and send them information about your organisation. Works both ways Donation first, sign a petition after.Define a contact strategy for each type of contact, send relevant timely data according to their interest. Nurture!To define a contact strategy campaigning and fundraising must simply talk and plan together, at the early statges.Eugene suggested collating examples of ladders of engagement.Five things to describe session:-Put supporter at the heart of it-Lapsed donors-Testing (10%)-Stoytelling-Talk to fundraising Ladder of engagement must combine multiple channels.

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