A quick case study: Why did our TTCriders sardine award competition get so much media attention?

Last month, the awesome folks at TTCriders organized a photo competition, where TTC users were encouraged to take a photo of their overcrowded commute (hence the sardines reference) and send it to us.  We then chose the best photo and converted it into an award [...]

Top 10 Activist Stories for 2013

Here is my (Jessica Bell’s) take on the top 10 activist stories of 2013, in no particular order. Let these victories be an antidote to cynicism, hopelessness and apathy.  Activism works.  Activists win.   Looking forward to seeing what’s in store for 2014. [...]

We like Movement Strategy Centre’s new blog site called “Let’s Talk”

Thank you to Levana Saxon for posting an article about Movement Strategy Centre’s new blog site called “Let’s Talk”.  I immediately started digging in.

Based in the bay area, the Movement Strategy Centre helps build collaborative and sustainable social movements. Pretty cool hey! Their blog allows [...]

Leading Change Network shares useful resources and hosts great trainings

The Leading Change network has ramped up its presence and is rocking it.   The Leading Change network was founded by former farmworkers union organizer, Marshall Ganz, and is based out of Harvard University.

This post provides you with some basic information about the network [...]

Fill in our survey and help Tools for Change choose its workshops for the coming year

Tools for Change wants you to fill in our survey so we can choose workshops that are useful to you and your group. We take your feedback and organize the most popular workshop topics. We usually organize about 20 workshops a year. Workshops range from [...]

Mob Lab profiles Tools for Change

Read Mobilization Lab’s report on Tools for Change.  The goal of this article is to inform others who might be interested in starting up a similar group in their area.  Thank you Anna Keenan for your article.

 If you’re an activist in Toronto, you probably [...]

Five Things I Wish I Knew When I First Became Politically Active

At this year’s awesome George Brown College Labour Fair Conference, I (Jessica Bell) gave a presentation that outlined five things I wish I knew when I first became politically active. What do you think of what I’ve learned?  What have you learned that [...]

New Organizing Institute

Based in the United States, the New Organizing Institute is a training program run by organizers for organizers.  Heavily geared to election campaigns, the organization hosts trainings on campaign strategy, online organizing, online communications, political technology, new media, and testing/evaluation.  Sign [...]

Campaign case studies

Sometimes the best way to learn about campaigning is to review case studies of successful and unsuccessful campaigns.  Campaigning, after all, is not a simple 1+1=2 activity.  It’s complicated, and real life campaign case studies can do a decent job of unveiling the nature of [...]

Tips on how to organize rallies and marches

Thanks to Tools for Change trainer and NOII Toronto organizer, Syed Hussan, for this guest blog post. 

Protests are an integral and necessary part of our social movements. They are the means to assert power, to take power, to pressure a target and to [...]